Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Facebook Photo Booth Pictures!

Did you attend the 2009 Great Spokane Art Party? Did you drop by the Hamilton Studio Facebook Photo Booth and pose for a new Facebook profile pic?

Well, the fabulous folks at Hamilton Studio have posted the evening's run of pictures in an easy-to-navigate gallery, right here. Just locate your pictures, and use the right-click option to download and save them to your computer for use in your Facebook profile or wherever you like. At the bottom of each gallery page there is also an email link to contact Hamilton Studio in case you'd like to request a high-res, printable copy of any of your pictures--which they have generously offered to provide on request.

Before you click on over to the gallery, however, please click on the comments link below and let us know how you liked the Great Spokane Art Party.

Friday, April 24, 2009

The Great Spokane Art Party Artist and Activity List 2009 -- Update!

1. Olivia Waterman -- Silk Fabric Art -- Fabric ink applied directly on silk fabric using basic & simple techniques with beautiful results.

2. Amy Wharf -- Vessels & Vases -- Amy will show how to make a variety of functional and decorative pots starting with flat slabs of clay

3. Ken Spiering -- Dynamic, Lush, & Intense -- You thought this was about wine? Water Color painting - demonstration & participation

4. Clay Connection -- Fused Glass Pendants -- Cutting glass and designing your own pendant. Finished jewelry can be picked up at the Clay Connection 714 E Sprague beginning May 1st.

5. Eva Silverstone -- Collage Magnets -- Collage is the combination of many materials to make something new. It is a unique medium because you can “borrow” others’ ideas and designs and with a little reworking make something unique and different from the materials that you started with. Learn about this technique and make a small collaged magnet.

6. Inland Northwest Drawing School -- Designer Gourds -- Explore your creativity by transforming a common gourd into a work of art. Be inspired by a variety of designs & patterns derived from different cultures.

7. Lance Sinema --Clay Menagerie -- Making small animal forms out of clay, both in small scale relief & three-dimensional form to be returned to the school for inclusion in one of the projects with the children.

8. Sondra Barrington and Rings & Things -- “Found” Objects Jewelry -- Using a variety of found objects, fibers, polymer clay & beads; we will create unique wearable art. Metal disc-loop bracelets will be embellished with textures, baubles, charms and dangles. Collage-inspired ephemera is transformed into a visually stunning bracelet!

9. Scott Kolbo -- Polyester Plate Lithography -- Make printing plates by hand by drawing whatever you like and Scott will help you print it.

10. Conrad Bagley -- Recycled Stuff Loom Weaving -- Using a hand made and designed free standing loom, we will take strips of old clothes, ribbons, yarn, small stuffed animals anything weavable to create this collective piece of art.

11. Hamilton Studio -- Facebook Photo Booth -- A photo set, costume props, being creative with ourselves as the subject--fun! Photo to keep by email.

12. Gloria Fox -- Japanese bookbinding -- Japanese bookbinding is a creative, versatile process for personalizing anything you would like in book form. It's fun and easy, limited only by your imagination.

14. Heidi Arbogast -- Visual Thinking Strategies -- Join Heidi in the Saranac Art Project gallery for a tour & conversation about the art on display.

15. Teya Kuhle -- Mixed Media Papermaking -- Make your own paper incorporating materials from nature.

16. Peter & Kit Jagoda -- Milagros: a metal tooling relief activity -- The delicate craft of milargro (mee LAH gro) making is a folk art tradition that has played an important role in many cultures. A milagro is a little metal pendant that symbolizes a request , a prayer, or a wish.

The Great Spokane Art Party

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Featured Art Party Artist: Ken Spiering

From the 2008 City of Spokane Arts Awards:

Specializing in artwork for public spaces, Ken Spiering's work can be seen from North Pole, Alaska to North Miami Beach, Florida. But he has made his most indelible mark on the Spokane region with a wealth of public art that demonstrates his extraordinary talent and versatility. Works as varied as the beloved larger-than-life red wagon, Childhood Express … Cataract, at the STA Plaza… and the exquisite wood carving entitled Passage: Immediate & Eternal in City Hall… all add immeasurably to our daily quality of life. And not all of his work is stationary – some of it can be seen running around town, as Ken has designed numerous Bloomsday T-shirts and posters.

Ken's latest and largest public work, commissioned by the Spokane Public Facilities District, is a 700-foot span of wall on the newly expanded Spokane Convention Center. Appropriately named "Current Event", the artwork is inspired by the boat-like shape of the building as well as the surrounding flow of traffic and the motion of the river, and features four giant fish that shimmer along the length of the wall. Located at a major intersection leading into Spokane's downtown, "Current Event" is one of our city's most visible and prominent pieces of art.

Mentorship is as important to Ken as is his art. By teaching at local colleges, Ken stays connected with young artists and continues to mentor and encourage many of his students long after graduation.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009