Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bourbon Balls and Much Much More

I just whipped up a batch of bourbon balls for tonight's Great Spokane Art Party.  You grind up some pecans and Nilla Wafers, stir in some confectioner's sugar, corn syrup, and a healthy dose of Jim Beam, roll the mixture up into balls which you in turn roll in chopped pecans ... and then you pop one in your your mouth!  A grown-up delectable sweet-tooth satisfying, boozy morsel. 

And that's just what I'm bringing to the party (a batch of about 75, first come first served!).  But we have a whole army of folks bringing platter after platter of even more delectable goodies, both sweet and savory.  Not to mention wine pouring forth like the spring run-off. 

And then you have the artsy-fartsy activities: 16 different artists and artisans set up to guide you through a painting, collaging, sculpting, assembling, compiling, creating, and confabulational creative smorgy for the right side of your brain.  And let's be honest, that poor right side has been chained up like a long neglected dog that needs to go for a run. 

So come on down to the Community Building tonight at 7pm and have some fun while supporting Blueprints for Learning and early childhood education in Spokane.  $50 per ticket or $80 for a pair.  See you there!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tired of Boring Parties?

Genevieve Morris posted the following blurb on Facebook recently, and I think it's worth reposting here:
Tired of boring parties?? Ready for something new? Grab your girlfriends, a date, or someone random off the street. Enjoy sipping wine and tasty food as you make a masterpiece at the Great Spokane Art Party. You can make homeade paper, jewelry, prints and much more with great artists in town. BUY A TICKET OR MAKE A DONATION. THIS FUNDS IMPROVING EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION IN SPOKANE. Come make a difference by supporting training for teachers and have fun doing it!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Slideshow from Last Year's Party

If you're hungry, the very first picture should be enough to convince you.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

2010 Artist and Activity List

Olivia Waterman: Silk Fabric Art
Fabric ink applied directly on silk fabric using basic & simple techniques with beautiful results

Greg Pritchett: Water Color Painting
Free and loose impressionistic water color painting

Wendy Zupan-Bailey: Kinetic Paper Dolls
We’ll create a hanging puppet-like character with jointed arms and legs from decorative papers, found objects & ephemera.

Heidi Arbogast: Mono Printing
Get hooked on printmaking as you watch your print appear before your eyes – you’ll want to make more than one

Eva Silverstone: Collage Magnets
Collage is the combination of many materials to make something new. It is a unique medium because you can “borrow” others’ ideas and designs and with a little reworking make something unique & different from the materials you started with. Learn this technique & make a small collaged magnet.

Rolf Goetzinger: Community Mural Painting
Work in pairs or small groups painting a section of a larger mural depicting our surrounding neighborhood. The tiles will be puzzled together & hung in the schools entryway to celebrate community

Hamilton Studio: Facebook Photo Booth
A photo set, costume props, being creative with ourselves as the subject. Fun! Photo to keep by email

Mardis Nenno: Clay Masks
Give shape to your alter ego, your inner animal or your all-time super hero/deity! Terra cotta blank masks, waiting to be added on to, carved on, drawn and painted on

Sondra Barrington of Rings & Things: Beaded Earrings
Use a variety of beads and fittings to make a pair of earrings

Gloria Fox: Boxes, Bags, Containers – Oh My!
Using decorative paper, design a special container to house a special gift – maybe a home for a surprise present that you have made here tonight

Kelly Greenfield: Fused Glass Pendants
Cutting glass & designing your own pendant. Finished jewelry can be picked up at the Clay Connection 714 E. Sprague beginning May 1st

Inland Northwest Drawing School: Designer Gourds
Explore your creativity by transforming a common gourd into a work of art. Be inspired by a variety of designs and patterns from different cultures

Teya Kuhle: Mixed Media Papermaking
Make your own paper incorporating materials from nature

Bryan Burke: Floppy Disk Books
 Make a beautiful, simple journal out of a recycled floppy disk cover and paper. Use clip art stickers or free draw designs to personalize your book.

Lance Sinnema: Clay Cornucopia
Rendering vegetables, fruit & other natural materials from clay to be returned to the school’s children as a provocation for their on-going project on food & the main market food co-op

Joyce Thomas: Felting Hand-Made Soap
Wrap a piece of home-made soap with layers of wool, apply embellishments, rub with water and voila – you will have a colorful textured bar of soap

Friday, February 5, 2010

The 2010 Great Spokane Art Party: April 24, 7-10pm

Has battling the rat race got you tied up in knots? Have you exercised your creative muscles lately? Has the right side of your brain grown flabby from disuse? The Great Spokane Art Party is a great opportunity to reclaim your inner artist in a fun and friendly environment while supporting a great cause.

The Great Spokane Art Party is an annual fundraiser for the Community Building Children's Center and Blue Prints for Learning.

For more info, check out

Check here for updated artist and activity info for 2010. In the meantime, peruse the posts below for a glimpse of previous Art Parties.