Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Artist and Activity List 2011

Nicole Troutman & Vanessa Lopez - Children’s Center Teachers
Silk Scarf Printing
Using vibrant tissue paper shapes you’ll arrange your design and then “print” it onto the silk using an amazingly simple technique. The results are breathtaking.

Pricilla Barnett - Art Director, Discovery School.
Unmask Your Mask
Design a papier mache mask that is an expression of you. Using paints, markers, color pencils and accessories, you will be on your way to a masquerade of fun!

Greg Pritchett
Watercolor Painting
Explore watercolor painting in a loose impressionistic style as an introduction to this medium. Because watercolors are translucent they allow light to reflect from the paper’s surface creating a luminous effect.

Kelly Greenfield – Clay Connection
Fused Glass Pendants
Take part in the first steps of a custom glass pendant of your own design. Cut the glass and play with layout to arrange a unique pendant. Finished jewelry can be picked up at the Clay Connection 714 E Sprague beginning May 21st .

Eva Silverstone
Collage Magnets
Collage is the combination of many materials to make something new. It is a unique medium because you can “borrow” others’ ideas and designs and with a little reworking make something unique and different from the materials that you started with. Learn about this technique and make a small collaged magnet.

Susan Whaley & Pat Benson - Inland Northwest Drawing School
Designer Gourds
Explore your creativity by transforming a common gourd into a work of art. Be inspired by a variety of designs & patterns derived from different cultures.

Dani Pavlic
Stencils for Education
Stencils for Education is a workshop to create Spanish alphabets for classrooms in Guatemala. This workshop will show how to draw and construct letter stencils and apply them to paper with paint.

Justin Easton, Toni Plastino & Kameron Fox - Rings and Things
Button Cap Jewelry
This simple and clever technique turns a pin-on button (of your own design) into a super-cool ring or pendant. Best yet, you can switch out the designs and have an endlessly versatile accessory.

Bryan Burke
Floppy Disk Books
Make a beautiful, simple journal out of a recycled floppy disk and paper. Use clip art stickers or free draw designs to personalize your book. It's possible that you can write more info in the completed journal than the original disk could actually hold.

Tiffany Patterson
Mixed Media Illustrations on Wood
Local artist Tiffany Patterson will help participants as they explore water-based paints and inks to create small illustrations or paintings on birch wood boards. See examples of Tiffany's unique style and experiment with your own style with these accessible mediums.

Joyce Thomas
Felted Beads
Making felt on purpose is magical. Making beads with felt is just plain fun! We will use the wet felting technique using water, soap and wool. Beads can be any shape or color your imagination wants them to be and then can be used in a bracelet, necklace, hair piece or whatever! It takes about 5 min. to make a bead.

Hamilton Studio
Facebook Photo Booth
A photo set, costume props, being creative with ourselves as the subject. Fun! Go ahead, it’s a great way to document your evening at The Art Party. Photo to keep by email.

Gloria Fox
Dancing Paper Stick Puppets
Enjoy making these one-of-kind, uniquely you, dancing stick puppets. Think jazz, big band, burlesque, rock 'n roll, or whatever is your style. Decorate and embellish to suit your fancy and dance the night away!

Scott Kolbo
Mono Printing
Create one-of-a-kind mono-prints using a press, plexiglass plates and water-based paints. The process is almost magical- watching as the plate travels through the press and your original design is suddenly and beautifully transferred to the paper. Many thanks to The Museum of Arts and Culture for loaning their portable printing press to us this evening.

Teya Kuhle
Mixed Media Papermaking
Papermaking is known to have been traced back to China (about 105 CE), when an official during the Han Dynasty (202 BCE-220 CE) created a sheet of paper using mulberry and other bast fiber along with fishnets, old rags, and hemp waste. Try your hand at this ancient craft and incorporate materials from nature into your sheet.

Loris Stupel
Iris Paper Folding
Iris Folding is a paper craft that creates eye catching, three dimensional cards. The technique called Iris Folding had its beginnings in the Netherlands and gets its name from the spiraling design which has the look of the iris of an eye or the opening of a camera lens.

Jaque Meng
Handmade Clay Tiles
Contribute your creativity to our community. Create a handmade clay tile that, together with tiles made by the preschool children, will become a mosaic mural – a permanent work of beauty on our playground.

Diane Garmire
A zentangle is a structured, contained doodle. As the participant quiets their mind and engages in this type of rhythmic drawing there is often a feeling of timelessness and a sense of deep well-being.