Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bourbon Balls and Much Much More

I just whipped up a batch of bourbon balls for tonight's Great Spokane Art Party.  You grind up some pecans and Nilla Wafers, stir in some confectioner's sugar, corn syrup, and a healthy dose of Jim Beam, roll the mixture up into balls which you in turn roll in chopped pecans ... and then you pop one in your your mouth!  A grown-up delectable sweet-tooth satisfying, boozy morsel. 

And that's just what I'm bringing to the party (a batch of about 75, first come first served!).  But we have a whole army of folks bringing platter after platter of even more delectable goodies, both sweet and savory.  Not to mention wine pouring forth like the spring run-off. 

And then you have the artsy-fartsy activities: 16 different artists and artisans set up to guide you through a painting, collaging, sculpting, assembling, compiling, creating, and confabulational creative smorgy for the right side of your brain.  And let's be honest, that poor right side has been chained up like a long neglected dog that needs to go for a run. 

So come on down to the Community Building tonight at 7pm and have some fun while supporting Blueprints for Learning and early childhood education in Spokane.  $50 per ticket or $80 for a pair.  See you there!

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