Monday, March 21, 2011

2010 City of Spokane Arts Award

From the Spokane Arts Commission website:

Arts in Education – Spokane Community Building Children's Center - Blueprints for Learning Program

The Community Building Children's Center (CBCC) describes itself as one part school, one part home and one part museum. Its Blueprints for Learning Program for preschoolers actively incorporates the use of art to help children learn and grow.
Their approach is designed to focus on nurturing each child's intellectual growth and creativity through an emphasis on the local environment and the inclusion of arts (visual, performance, music, dance, song, etc.). The Museum of Arts and Culture trains their staff in the use of a technique called visual thinking strategies which encourages children to view art with a critical mind. Studies have shown that there is a strong relationship between visual thinking and positive growth in math and reading skills.
Blueprints for Learning also offers a Training Institute which teaches other local child care professionals how to incorporate art and exploration into their early childhood education programs.
The Blueprints for Learning approach has been shown to be especially effective when a child has a physical or mental challenge. The parent of one such child commented that her daughter has absolutely blossomed since attending the program primarily because she has been encouraged to dance, sing, play music and create art in whatever way she is able. Her daughter is starting to overcome some of her physical challenges through the use of art as she develops new ways of moving, learning and expressing herself.
The CBCC through its Blueprints for Learning Program has truly become a leader in arts in education in Spokane by offering both a local arts-based preschool program and a regional training program.

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