Tuesday, March 19, 2013

2013 Artist and Activity List

Community Building Children’s Center Teachers
Silk Scarf Printing
Using vibrant tissue paper shapes you’ll arrange your design and then “print” it onto the silk using an amazingly simple technique. The results are breathtaking.

Eva Silverstone
Collage Magnets
Collage is the combination of many materials to make something new. You can “borrow” others’ ideas and designs and with a little reworking make something unique from the materials that you started with.

Greg Pritchett
Watercolor Painting
Explore watercolor painting in a loose impressionistic style as an introduction to this medium. Watercolors are translucent, they allow light to reflect from the paper’s surface creating a luminous effect.

Mardis Nenno
Making Marks on Clay

We will be working with thin slabs of clay to build simple vessel shapes and decorating the surfaces with slip monoprint, sgrafitto and stamping techniques.

Elllen Blachke
Painting on wine glasses

Susan Whaley - Inland Northwest Drawing School
Designer Gourds

Explore your creativity by transforming a common gourd into a work of art. Be inspired by a variety of designs & patterns derived from different cultures.

Gloria Fox
Friendly Plastic Beads

These eye-catching beads are fun and easy to make. Use the to create your own one-of-a-kind stretchy bracelet to wear home tonight.

Rings and Things

Dig through bins of beads and findings to create earrings! Simple, asymmetrical, elegant or contemporary - you choose!

Yang Xu
Chinese Calligraphy and Painting

This activity will include drawing Chinese characters and painting with ink and brushes. Yang Xu paints in the traditional Chinese style of the Song Dynasty (~1000 CE). She teaches Chinese language, culture, painting, dance and the guzheng (a traditional Chinese zither). She has given live demonstrations of her painting numerous times.

Teya Kuhle
Mixed Media Papermaking

Papermaking is known to have been traced back to China (about 105 CE), when an official during the Han Dynasty (202 BCE-220 CE) created a sheet of paper using mulberry and other bast fiber along with fishnets, old rags, and hemp waste. Try your hand at this ancient craft and incorporate materials from nature into your sheet.

Kira Atwood
Make your own art party bag

Starting with a fair trade bag donated by Ganesh Himal trading company and made from recycled billboards, doodle yourself your own unique 2013 art party bag.

Kit and Peter Jagoda
Milagros: a metal tooling relief activity

The delicate craft of Milagros (mee LAH gro) making is a folk art tradition that has played an important role in many cultures. A milagro is a little metal pendant that symbolizes a request, a prayer, or a wish.

Nikki Gamon
Mixed Media Self Portraits

Lou Carver
Artists Trading Cards (ATC)

Prepackaged kit for you to make several collage cards - four themes to choose from. Learn how you can start your own hobby by trading cards from all over the world. Ms Carver has been teaching art classes in spokane for over 25 years; she has been a career graphic designer. The Art Coop offers over 30 goofy art classes for chicks for ages 9-99, in a 1933 rennovated chicken coop.

Loretta West
Zen tangle

Damian Butler
Photo Booth

A photo set, costume props, and your creative poses are a great way to document your evening at the Art Party. Prints to keep.

Viza Arlington
"Having left commercial print production to pursue my own artistic path, I now live on the family farm south of Cheney, Washington. I enjoy wilderness and much of my work focuses on the natural world- animals, plants, trees and landscapes. However, the images I create often reference archetypes and symbols found in mythology and literature; they relate a personal interpretation of the intersection of both the fantastical and absolute physical realms: dream-like figures that often evoke primitive culture. Solitude resonates throughout much of my work- I tend to focus on singular figures that encourage personal introspection, a turning inward, a visual recognition of the vastness of the inner human landscape, the original wildness of the body and mind."

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